Simmering Crystals

Simmering Crystals

What are our amazing Simmering Crystals?

Our simmering crystals do not melt and are an easy to clean alternative to wax melts. Just a couple of teaspoons in the well of your tealight or electric warmer is enough to gradually release a long lasting, intense burst of fragrance into your room. When all of the fragrance has eventually evaporated simply tip our biodegradable crystals into the bin leaving your warmer clean and ready to go again. No mess! No fuss!

Each of our generously sized tub contains enough simmering crystals to last at least 8 uses.

TOP TIP - you can also pop a couple of teaspoons in your hoover for an amazing fragrance while vacuuming.


We have started to phase in a little pink and glitz to our crystals. During the changeover you may receive a mix of plain and coloured crystals as fragrances are restocked.


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